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Katrin Terwiel smiling and leaning with her hand against the wall of a building
Katrin Terwiel smiling and leaning with her hand against the wall of a building

Topics that make up your life

DEEP SHIT TALKS - Psychology Podcast

You know it as well as I do: the most interesting, inspiring and human conversations are simply real DEEP SHIT TALKS. In my podcast, which I host with Tina Steckling, you can entertain yourself with carefully curated psychological discussions. We talk about topics that make up your life. For example: performance pressure, adverse childhood experiences, toxic relationships, and leadership.  When do you ever have the opportunity to eavesdrop on two psychotherapists completely unfiltered?

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  • A smiling woman sits casually by the window

    How to find psychotherapy in your mother tounge in Germany

    Finding a therapy spot can be complex and challenging. I want to provide you with important background information and practical advice to offer you a clear and structured path through the often confusing system of psychotherapeutic care in Germany.

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  • Man with glasses holding a small dog and smiling with his eyes closed

    Resilience training in companies. A double-edged sword.

    Why resilience training in a corporate context can even harm employees if it is not designed to be positive and sustainable. A blog article including the 10-point checklist for well-designed resilience training.

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